Tiny little studio on the second floor of an old building

downtown Montpelier. 


There are two showers/makeshift changing rooms.


A small lobby with cubbies to leave belongings which we lock during class.


There are hooks on the wall for coats. The top hook holds the key to the bathroom in the hallway.


26 postures and two breathing exercises

Two sets of each


The max capacity class is twenty people. 


The teacher leads the 90 min class with detailed verbal instruction.


It is encouraged to stay in the room for the whole class even if one takes a knee (or two) or lies down in savassana


Bring enough water for your practice . There should be no need to get up and down during class. To have to walk over people to refill water is disruptive and can be a distraction to your practice. Come prepared.


Which reminds: come to class hydrated, even the day before class.


Eat a little something but not too much or too close to class..


Bring a towel for the top of yoga mat, a towel for the shower, water bottle (and a hair tie.)


Please help keep the need for extra cleaning by carrying your recycles back home with you.


You are your own best teacher. Push yourself but don’t push too hard. The heat can allow you to over stretch. Be honest with your self in the postures. Compare self to self.


A ninety minute open eyed moving meditation. Aiming for stillness between posture, deliberate movement in and out of postures. Hold posture like a statue.


Details matter. Expect excellence/settle for grace.