Regina Librizzi

Bikram Yoga has enhanced all aspects of my life mind, body and soul. The practice became a soothing, reliable place to find challenge and growth. Which inspired me to attain teacher certification, so I could offer others what so helped me.I love that the series can be suitable for a beginner and stay challenging over the course of many years. Some come to class to work on their bodies and finds it woks on the whole life. As an instructor, it is rewarding to watch a person transform in tangible ways over time. My teaching style adheres closely to the traditional Bikram dialogue.

Anna Van Fleet

Anna Van Fleet found yoga in 1999, through the Supple Body books. It helped her feel grounded and present, and she knew right away she wanted to offer that experience to others. In 2004, she began practicing Bikram in NYC. In 2009, she attended Bikram training in Las Vegas, NV. Anna's personal experience of Bell's Palsy during pregnancy led her to explore Viniyoga, and become a Certified Viniyoga Teacher and Therapist (CYT) from 2012-2016. Anna has returned to teaching Bikram with a deep understanding of the foundation of breath in practice, and a desire to help people of all ages and abilities access the healing power of the practice (while saving themselves aches and pains). In her class, dialogue disappears and Bikram becomes an act of self-care firmly rooted in self-compassion. Your yoga should feel good! If it doesn't, stop in for a chat, or a one-on-one yoga therapy session, with Anna.

Jeni Humphries

During my very first Bikram yoga class in 2003, I fell in love with the practice. During my 2nd class, I knew without a doubt that I wanted to teach it. I was in the middle of a pretty traumatic life transition and quickly realized that this practice brought me as much mental-emotional benefit and balance as it did physical. I knew I wanted to share it and got certified to teach in 2004.

Over the past 16 years I have studied with a few other teachers, (Anna Forest being an important one) and explored other styles of yoga, but I always came back to the 26 postures, 2 breathing exercises, and heat of Bikram yoga. For me, the repetition of the sequence is like taking a walk on the same beautiful path every day : the terrain becomes so familiar, even intimate, yet the journey is always different.

I like to think of my teaching as grounded, insightful, challenging, kind. Also an RN, I have a good knowledge of anatomy and enjoy helping each and every body type gain access to good alignment in a way that works for them.

Thembie Gamache

Thembie grew up in eSwatini. Moved to the U.S. in 1983 and has been living in Burlington, Vermont since 1991. She started practicing yoga in 2001 went to training in 2011. Thembie has been teaching in different studios in Burlington and Florida. Thembie travelled to India where she taught in New Delhi, Hyderabad and Goa. The yoga practice has been a constant in my life. Thembie teaches with care and compassion, and is inspired by her students dedication and motivation to their own personal practice. She is excited to be part of this amazing yoga community of Montpelier.

Zoe Pickett

Zoe has been teaching Bikram Yoga for over ten years. Previously Stowe studio owner. Just joined the Montpelier teachers at the Bikram Yoga Montpelier studio, Zoe teaches with knowledge, compassion and some humor.

Shannon Kelly

Shannon is a dancer and certified personal trainer (NASM). She studied dance in college and has always been a movement enthusiast. She is very excited to be teaching at Bikram Montpelier.

Jillian Pierce

Jillian, a native of central Vermont, discovered the hot room last winter when she attended her first hot
pilates (hot hiit) class at our Montpelier Bikram studio. Hot pilates and Bikram yoga quickly became
Jillian’s newly found passion. The desire to improve her health and wellness grew with each class and is
now ready to share her knowledge and passion with others. Jillian recently attended the Inferno Hot
Pilates instructor’s training in NYC.